All You Need To Know About the Pro Harmonica Case by Harmo

The harmonica case is the ideal harmonica holder for any player. It is sturdy high quality and made of vinyl. See

The pro harmonica case by Harmo supports the secure transportation and protection of fourteen diatonic harmonicas. It has individual pockets to fasten each harmonica.

The harmonica case for sale has an extra pocket at the bottom that contains Velcro straps. This pocket supports the storage and transportation of either a 16+-hole chromatic harmonica or a 12-hole harmonica inclusive of a microphone that is bullet-type. The front of the case has space that accommodates a tuner, metronome, tools, or a cable. It is flexible enough to offer the user options of how to carry it. This is through either its straps or a top handle. The most important thing about this case is the fact that it is made of light material. This makes it very easy and convenient when travelling.

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