Chromatic Harmonica

Chromatic harmonicas have a long history of success in jazz and pop music. Of course, different music moguls have helped maintain the importance of the chromatic harmonica (see : That said, it is quite clear that it this particular harmonica has been quite an influence in the world of music.

Its success secret : the sliding bar

Yet, we can’t attribute all its success to music moguls. Rather, we can attribute most of its success to its design and ability. The chromatic harmonica employs the use of a sliding bar to help change the tone and key. This specific design has proven effective and efficient is producing a variety of sounds.

More infos on chromatic harmonicas :

12 keys on average

Moreover, the chromatic harmonica is often available in 12 keys. Of course, there are different types of chromatic harmonicas that are available in the market. Please note, that the best model is said to be the Hohner chromatic harmonica, which is available at

Some chromatic harmonicas

On harmonicaland, you can find :

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